How can I ensure my family is cared for after I die or become sick? What will happen to my money, investments, and property? How can a will or trust protect my family and assets? Do I need a power of attorney? What about the tax consequences of all these decisions?

CRUG estate planning attorneys assist our clients in restructuring asset ownership to minimize estate taxes and probate-court involvement by providing creative planning techniques to minimize tax consequences and ensure your loved ones are not left with a complicated mess.

Estate planning for business owners often starts with a business succession plan. This is a complicated matter filled with sensitive and emotional issues attached to family businesses. With the proper advice and guidance, a family business can transition to the next generation or a non-family owner through a well-designed succession plan. Many complex issues need to be addressed in these situations. Professional legal advice is key to ensure this situation is handled with the care your life’s work deserves.

While it’s never easy to contemplate your family’s future without you, getting those financial details figured out now is key to your long-term peace of mind and your family’s well-being. CRUG estate planning attorneys are here to listen, empower you with options, and bring clarity and confidence to the estate-planning process.

If you are not currently working with CRUG on estate planning or business succession issues and have questions, contact James S. Kresge for assistance.