Relationships Built on Trust, Value & Performance

At CRUG, we partner with clients to ensure litigation management is value-driven producing positive, expected outcomes that align with core values and expectations. This requires a concerted and systematic effort by our lawyers to quickly identify litigation drivers, formulate strategies and tactics to mitigate or neutralize those drivers in order to favorably resolve or avoid litigation altogether.  This process is then repeated in a way that can be measured.

This type of enhanced relationship requires a high degree of trust, efficiency and performance that goes beyond simple compliance with billing and litigation management guidelines. 

Whether multinational corporations or individual consumers, our award-winning strategies and value-based approach provides clients with the expert counsel and resources they need to overcome legal hurdles at a cost they can afford.  At CRUG, we have the experience, size and resources to handle simple or complex cases efficiently across the state with lawyers in three of Ohio’s major litigation centers and within two hours of any court in the State.  We establish balanced teams combining expertise from senior and junior attorneys, paralegals and staff to emphasize “the right person for the right job”.

We invite you to experience the difference. No frills, just talent.