Relationships Built on Trust, Value & Performance

Collins, Roche, Utley & Garner offers highly personalized and efficient legal services of superior value with an emphasis on serving insurance industry related clients who handle mass litigation throughout the state of Ohio.  Combining expertise from some of Ohio’s most experienced and leading civil attorneys, we are dedicated to providing exceptional, high quality legal representation in order to preserve your reputation and bottom line.

Highly Personalized Legal Service

We partner with clients to ensure litigation management is value-driven producing positive, expected outcomes that align with goals, values and expectations. This requires a concerted and systematic effort by our lawyers to quickly identify litigation drivers, formulate strategies and tactics to mitigate or neutralize those drivers in order to favorably resolve or avoid litigation altogether.  This type of enhanced relationship requires a high degree of trust, efficiency and performance that goes beyond simple compliance with billing and litigation management guidelines.

Results Matter

Our number one priority is excellent service and positive results. Our approach to managing litigation is strategic. We continually look for new ways to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients.  At CRUG, we utilize award-winning “Blue Ocean” strategies including the OARS (Official Active Resolution Strategy); a deliberate approach to litigation handling which improves communication and accelerates resolutions.  Our time-tested systematic approach not only enhances client relationships but produces measurable, repeatable, value-added results.